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Adanna J. 
Certified HR Professional + Resume Writer + Career Coach 

"Be Employable"...that's it!

Life is full of challenges; adulting is definitely one of them. Without the right tools in place, your early career years can be challenging and hard to take a hold of.

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My Story

As a Human Resources Professional, I have been on both sides of the interviewing lens. I understand the thoughts and emotions in that specific setting and I can relate on both ends. My goal is to guide and support you on your career path through professional development. Above all, helping you become a better employee and professional.


A little on my background...I am a Certified Human Resources Professional and I hold a Master's Degree and an Advancement Certificate in Human Resource Management. HR + Career Maven was birthed from the career guidance and resumé writing that I've provided to family and friends over the years. I've been writing résumés for about 9 years. I like to refer to myself as the "RésuméNista"...hah! Crafting resumés to tell a professional story has almost become second nature. That’s my unique advantage - Human Resources know-how with professional resumé writing skills. I’ve also worked as an Independent Contractor for several years with a top Resumé Writing Company.

I've worked with hundreds of professionals; with reported successes of receiving promotions, securing senior-level roles, and/or obtaining salary increases ranging from $5K to $20K. 

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