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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the process work?

Easy! After reviewing the professional services, you’ll complete the contact form and we’ll take it from there. Order of process may vary depending on the service but typically:
1. You submit the contact form [and all necessary information/documents] and then schedule an appointment for the Discovery call.
2. During the call we discuss your professional needs and career goals; along with payment options.
3. An invoice or payment link via PayPal is sent. Once payment has been received the writing process begins.


How long will the resumé writing process take?

You will receive the first draft within 4-5 business days from the date payment is received. The draft will include a markup of missing information and/or data that needs further clarification.
Taking into account any request for edits, the final document may take another 1-2 days. On average, it takes 5-8 business days to complete one order. However, delayed communication can extend the completion time beyond 5-8 business days.
There are no rush orders! An interview-worthy resumé takes time.


Are there resumé samples for review?

Of course! Take a look at some of these optimized resumés compared to the original version submitted by the client >> Resumé Samples
The samples provide a visual of the transformation of content and context. There are several other formats that are used based on client preference and field/industry standards.


What is the refund policy?

All payments are considered final. I will work with you to revise the final document as needed until you are fully satisfied.


What makes HR+Career Maven a unique[corn] Resumé Writer and Career Coach?

I have the first-hand job posting and resumé screening experiencing and expertise. Other resumé writers may have received training and certification for the sole purpose of writing resumés and may not have any experience with job postings, recruitment, or screening resumés.
I have 10+ years of experience in those areas (HR Professional for real) and 7+ years of resumé writing. I can write you a professional resumé that gets you interviews AND coach you through the job search, interviewing, and employment process. The services I will provide to you go beyond just writing a resumé. You will be coached to develop professionally on purpose!


Does it benefit me to have my resumé professionally written?

Absolutely! The job market is super competitive. There are hundreds of applicants for one job posting. Recruiters want the best candidate in the shortest amount of time. They are not wasting time deciphering your skills or qualifications.
Hiring Managers are taking less than10 seconds to review your resumé; if your experience doesn’t grab their attention then it’s on to the next. The most qualified candidates have been overlooked because of poorly written and ill-formatted resumés. Your resumé needs to be optimized for the targeted position. If you choose to not have it professionally written, be sure to have it reviewed several times by your peers.


Do I need a LinkedIn profile for my job search?

No, but Yes! 72% of recruiters in 2020 were using LinkedIn to source candidates and hire their next employee. You should have a keyword-optimized profile and a compelling bio that tells your professional story. Your LinkedIn profile can help land you your next position.


Have more questions?

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