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Pandemic Job Performance: 7 Helpful Tips On Preparing For Your 2020(1) Job Review

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

The world of work has changed drastically. Who would have thought that working remotely would become the standard for most of the world? In all the sadness and pain that the COVID19 Pandemic has brought; a positive has somehow sprung from such darkness. What many employers saw as the impossible has become the very much so possible.

If you've had the opportunity to work remotely [or maybe not] given the COVID19 Pandemic, your job duties, or even how you've performed your job required some kind of adjustment. However, that doesn't change the fact that you will still undergo an evaluation. If you’re lucky, your employer may have decided to put off performance reviews for 2020 or even postpone for a later date. Some employers may feel it’s unfair to complete evaluations because things are not normal. Personally, I think it’s a good time to have human conversations that reflect on the course of the year and said job for the coming year(s).

This pandemic has evolved businesses as well as people. Before this, you didn't think that you would be facilitating team meetings via Zoom or any other video chatting platform. But you are most definitely doing it. You've learned to multi-task at new levels, because your home became your home office. You did that sh*t! The time to let your employer know that you "did that sh*t" will be during your performance review. Ultimately, employers will decide what’s best for their staff and organization. If performance reviews are “still on”, your employer will most likely revise the evaluation to include more relatable factors such as how you adjusted to the changing environment, scale what worked or didn't work, or even limit the areas under review.


Are you prepared for your “Pandemic Performance Review”?

Here's how to prepare for it:

  • Put together a list of your current responsibilities. Try ordering them from most to least important (or high-low priority).

  • Compare that list to the job description or to what the workload/duties looked like pre-pandemic.

  • Highlight new responsibilities and make note of how you've performed.

  • Be sure to notate achievements and successes. If there were any unique situations that you were able to resolve, keep a record of that.

  • Be prepared to share your thoughts and experience with your manager.

  • Be receptive to feedback. If some feedback appears to be negative, ask about expectations and how you can improve.

  • Request and/or keep a signed copy of your evaluation. You can always refer back to the evaluation for additional guidance as it relates to old/new duties.

Did you get it all?


If these tips were helpful, leave a comment below!

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