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Professional Services

Resumé Writing

Your resumé is not a one size fits all document. You need to tailor your resumé to the specific position that you are applying for. This type of resumé is a target resumé.

You need to create a resumé that targets the position you are after, while highlighting your skills. 

Interview Preparation

So many people experience an increase in anxiety when it comes to interviewing. They're overly nervous, lose their train of thought, or fail to plan and prepare. This doesn't need to be you. Let's get you prepared to secure that job.

Career Coaching

Google is an amazing resource for quick career-related information. But, it’s general advice. Why do you think you spend so much time asking google the same question many different ways? Let's work on finding the answers that you're looking for!

Succulent Plant and Binder Clips

"Be Employable"...that's it!

Life is full of challenges; adulting is definitely one of them. Without the right tools in place, your early career years can be challenging and hard to take a hold of.


As someone in the Human Resources field for roughly 10 years, I've noticed that a lot of people entering the workforce for the first time or even working professionals don’t really understand the dynamics of excelling in their career or are more so unprepared and lacking the tools and resources for professional development and advancement.


I'm going to change that.

What I Can Do For You...

Being a professional can be very challenging at times. There’s so much that we don’t understand or learn about career/work-life until we’ve been fired, quit, or experience burnout.

Let me help you on your professional journey.

You have your own set of unique skills and talents that will drive your career success. I can help you get clarity and confidence on where you're trying to go and who you are.

Trusted by Professionals Across the US


Highly Recommend

"...It wasn’t just Adanna’s professionalism coupled with her keen attention to detail that made her so adept in this task but also her desire to understand your aspirational goals..."

Sarah M.

Content Writer

Always Receive Interviews

"...She gave me many pointers and turned my resume around with her corrections. I had so many unnecessary things on there, which possibly slowed me down from getting a job prior..."

Ronisha T.

Retail Supervisor

Down To Earth

"...The finished product was amazing. She kept me informed, asked a lot of questions. Most of all when I didn’t know the answer she was patient and talked it through with me."

Emma P.

Compliance Director

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