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Resumé Writing

  • $100+

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Your resumé is not a one size fits all document. You need to tailor your resumé to the specific position that you are applying for. This type of resumé is a target resumé. You need to create a resumé that targets the position you are after, while highlighting your skills. Pricing varies based on client needs: starting at $100 to upwards of $250 for a resumé document. Resumé Cleanup $100 - Revisions to your current resumé: modify the format and provide general edits to content and structure. This option is best for someone whose resumé needs minimal edits or reformatting. Resumé Revamp Resumé only: $195 - Complete makeover! Updated, reformatted, and clean resumé with keywords specific to the targeted role. The revamp option is best for someone who hasn’t updated their resumé in over a year or someone who is not receiving optimal job search results based on the condition of their current resumé. Resumé Buildout $250 - No resumé, no worries! A brand new document will be created with a clean format and keywords specific to your career field and/or job target. You only need to provide the employment information.

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