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Human Resources Professional with 10+ Years Experience


As an HR Professional, I have been on both sides of the interview table. I understand the thoughts and feelings in that specific setting and I can relate from both viewpoints. My goal is to guide and support you on your career path through professional development. Above all, helping you become a better employee and professional.


A little on my background...I am a Certified Human Resources Professional. Not all HR Professionals will have this certification [for many reasons]. However, I have chosen to celebrate and acknowledge my profession with certification. I have put in the hours, training, and required work experience to provide the expertise, knowledge, support, and HR guidance. Aside from this certification, I also hold a Master's Degree and an Advancement Certificate in Human Resource Management.


HR + Career Maven was birthed from the career guidance and resumé writing that I provided to family and friends. I've been writing résumés for about 7 years. I like to refer to myself as the "RésuméNista"...hah! Crafting resumés to tell a professional story has almost become second nature. That’s my unique advantage - Human Resources know-how with professional resumé writing skills. I’ve also worked as an Independent Contractor for a top Resumé Writing Company. I do have the expertise to support you on your professional journey.

I've worked with 250+ clients; with reported successes of receiving promotions, securing senior-level roles, and/or obtaining salary increases ranging from $5K - $20K.

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I do not turn away anyone that comes seeking my help. However, HR + Career Maven, LLC is a Career Services provider with a mission on providing coaching and support to some of the most talented, passionate, and resourceful professionals and organizations driving social change in the nonprofit industry.

The real question is though...


…What does your résumé say about you?

Responsive | Assertive | Engaged

I was particularly impressed by Adanna’s ability to be incredibly detailed throughout her entire approach and it seemed effortless. Her skill to dig deep into the professional career and help create a story of your strengths and achievements seems to come perfectly naturally to her. I would suggest anyone who wants a boost in their career to go see Ms. Adanna John.

Pascal M.

Operations Manager

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